Publications and interviews


An Introduction to U.S. Telecommunications Law (Artech House 1994)

An Introduction to International Telecommunications Law (Artech House 1996)

Modern Communications Law (West 1999) (with Robert Corn-Revere, Robert Frieden and Harvey Zuckman)

An Introduction to U.S. Telecommunications Law, Second Edition (Artech House 2001)

The Business Privacy Law Handbook (Artech House 2008)

Articles and Occasional Pieces (Partial List)

“An ECPA for the 21st Century:  The Present Reform Efforts and Beyond,” 20 COMM LAW CONSPECTUS 129 (2011)

“State Wiretaps and Electronic Surveillance after September 11,” 54 HASTINGS L.J. 971 (2003) (with Peter Swire)

“Is the Internet a New Legal Frontier?” 36 HOWARD L.J. 581 (1996)

“The Bernstein Decision:  a Good Start on Overdue Reforms,” Electronic Banking and Commerce Report (June 1999).


Broadcast Interviews

CNN Headline News and CNN WorldView (Internet censorship in Germany) (December, 1995)

ABC-TV News (online defamation and obscenity) (October, 1996)

C-SPAN (expectation of privacy on the Internet) (January, 1997)

Voice of America (Microsoft and Netscape browser wars) (September, 1996)

National Public Radio (Federal Trade Commission Regulation of Robo-Calls) (August, 2009)

Print Interviews

BNA Privacy Law Report, “Location Law Enforcement Access Bills Seek User Consent for Provider Sharing”  (June 17, 2011)

ComputerWorld (new encryption standards for customer communications) (August, 2003)

The American Banker (impact of proposed anti-spam legislation on financial institutions) (July, 2003)

Wall Street Journal (privacy issues posed by intelligent telephone service) (August 1996)

USA Today (legal issues posed by harassing email messages) (October 23, 1996)

Washington Post (use of Internet by pedophiles) (June 6, 1997)

Baltimore Sun (online trademark infringement) (July 24, 1996)

San Francisco Examiner (interception of Newt Gingrich cellphone conversation) (January 11, 1997)

Richmond Times Dispatch (privacy of cordless telephone conversations) (July 30, 1996)

Interactive Week (various interviews, 1996-98)

The Washington Times (feature article, “Fifteen Minutes with Charles H. Kennedy”) (October 25, 1999)

Investor’s Business Daily (privacy of employees’ use of employer-provided Internet service) (December 29, 1999)

Legal Times (feature article, “High on the Hog:  Telecommunications Lawyer Charles H. Kennedy . . .”) (April 9, 2001)

Bloomberg BNA Privacy & Data Protection Report (various interviews, 2010-2013)